Monday, September 22, 2008


  Bresson is known for using his showing rather than his telling within his movies.  Most notably with his art in directing the obvious shots of actors hands and body movements.  The best example is when he shows the scene when he meets his mentor pick-pocketer friend Henri, who shows him the art of Slight-of Hand.
  Michel's character in the beginning is shown in an almost innocent light, even though he's trying to be a thief.  Which isn't exactly divulged in clear terms.  It might be that he's trying to pay back his mother, or e might be broke and bored.  Then he's progressively revealed as being a determined thief, who's looking for ways in which to get better. 
  It seems that it goes from being a serious hobby to an obsession.  Almost as if it's a compulsion, that he can't keep from resisting.  Constant urges overwhelm him into doing the wrong thing (as in stealing from his friends jacket pocket).  
  His character seems to have found a line, then crosses it, and there is no looking back for him.  Bresson shows the lack of need, for a complex script and uses images and sounds in order to sell his story.  

ENG 5070

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