Wednesday, September 24, 2008


By far one of my favorite films. The use of real footage of Hiroshima, and the film itself was so powerful and moving I could not get over how it moved me. An event that happened so long ago was brought so closely into my consciousness of today. I couldn't imagine how moving this would be, to see 14 years after the events had actually happened. As much as the movie was a love story, it wouldn't be what it seems, without the tragic event looming throughout the movie. The abstractness of the way in which it was portrayed is compelling. I'm watching these lovers, and always having the eerie gorey afterthought of this unthinkable tragedy with me throughout the whole movie. It helps you see how they were living in the moment without being promised another day. Neither were thinking of how it's going to affect their present situations with their spouses. I felt in some was that they were deserving or entitled to their infidelity.

The story aside i thought cinematically this was beautifully shot. Dramatic body shots were sensual and yet I'm hearing and seeing horrible things. A great dynamic. Also I seemed to notice that in the beginning there was a lot of use of shapes and abstract art, which was visually captivating. The beginning half i was more partial to than the latter half. But, I think it was done intentionally in order to alienate me from the story, just as they felt alone. Even though it was challenging to follow at times, it seemed to make itself clear and apparent within it's entirety.

SuAnn Mitchell
ENG 5070

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