Wednesday, September 17, 2008


  I think I'm in the minority when it comes to this movie.  As much as I did like it, appreciate it, and can see how it was inventive for it's time, I have some issues with it.  We discussed in class the different and unusual background/soundtrack to the movie, which most people liked.  I didn't. The reason I think is that the Jazz off-beat-ness was unsettling to me, and the cranking up of the music at random times and at extreme levels seemed bad, and almost accidental.
  Most people I think, thought that it added to the suspense, but I found it distracting to the movie.  So much so that it really put me off.  I'm a big believer in a good soundtrack that can make a movie, and help the audience get enthralled into the whole story.  And I didn't get that from this movie.
  I enjoyed the way in which the camera seemed to be following them around, like we were apart of the crime spree's.  You could definitely see the advancement in the lighter cameras, that were able to maneuver around to give you the "along for the ride" feel. It was noticeable that it was done through a B-Movie studio, which I feel cheapened the story, actors, and their performances.  Which I found to be convincing. 
  When it came to the nuances of Michel some I found very endearing, and some after a while seemed trite.  For example the running of the thumb across the lips at first seemed subtle and cute, and then became Trite and over-used.  Although in the end when Patricia's character does it in the end which didn't seem as contrived.  After discussing the significance of some of the "In On It" type things, like the references to Bogart I could see how it may have seemed as if it was a tribute of sorts.  But in my eyes I saw it being soo trite, that it cheesed it out.   
  All this being said, doesn't mean I don't see the significance of this film and how it's influenced what we see today.  But that I might look at it with a more judging eye, because it was/&is such an important film.

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