Saturday, September 13, 2008

Les Cousins

The story was that of a naive country boy (Charles)who stays with his big city cousin (Paul), in order to go to school.  Charles the whole time being surrounded by Paul's questionable businesses.  Which one appears to be a brothel, or at least that's what it appeared to me.  Charles falls in love with one of the girls (Florence), who at first seems to feel the same. In the end they all betray him, and he is accidently shot to death.
Within the story context you want to empathize with Charles because he's trying so hard, and is always seeming to be the victim.  With school, and with Flo.  But how much can someone empathize with someone who is immediately professing his love to someone. (and who may be a hooker-of-sorts).  Then is stating that he doesn't care that she slept with her cousin, because he will get his turn. Even if he's trying to save face, which i'm not convinced that's what he was doing by saying that.  In fact, I think Charles has this facade of being sweet, and naive but may possess other darker qualities (the gun in Paul's face when he's sleeping).  He may have some of those qualities, but i believe you can see his resentment and anger coming out in certain scenes. 
Paul's character would seem to be less likable by his lack of virtues, and behaviors.  But somehow I like him more because, he doesn't hide who he is and doesn't try to pretend to be something he's not, and gives no apologies for who he is. I find it interesting that he's the one with the money, friends, and girls, and yet he wants what Charles had (Florence). Although he gets Flo, he doesn't quite get her in the capacity that Charles had her.  In his eyes, he at least tainted Flo in Charles's eyes.  Just because he could.
Florence's character was interesting, because again you wanted to feel for her but, you couldn't. (she slept with Paul) I have to say the way she was verbally belittled, made you wonder her background. Was she abused, or a runaway?? Is she not at fault for betraying Charles. 
I enjoyed the movie, it seemed very clean and cohesive.  The pacing of the movie was well maintained.  The quality of the picture, in the way it was shot, and edited was impressive to me.

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