Monday, September 15, 2008

400 Blows

By far this movie is one of my favorites.  Truffaut took characters with major personality flaws and made them extremely likable (at least i thought so).  He gave them each moments of moral redemption that was unexpected of their character.  This intern shows you, that they have redeeming qualities.  Even with the Sourpuss teacher, i found myself liking his role and how he was a cranky old man, but he was still entertaining and at times you felt a little sorry for him, for dealing with the little brats.
There was a great deal of thought put into the shots, and the way they were actually shot.  The overhead shot of the kids following the gym teacher, and then taking off on their own was one of my favorite shots.  But Truffaut use's a lot of CU's, which i feel adds to the emotional intensity of each character.  And the use of still shots in a freeze frame gives a sense of suspended reality.
There was a part of me that wanted Antoine's family to end up "happily ever after".  Which is often not the case in real life.  This show's the difference from a Classic Disney/Hollywood movie ending, compared to a realists style of story telling.
I enjoyed the relationship between Antoine and his best friend Rene.  Their loyalty to each other, and their bond was well developed throughout the film.  Like with many of the other characters, namely his parents did Truffaut show how you can Love family, but can see their flaws that would ordinarily be devastating, but because it is your family, it's easy to forgive and still have the ability to Love them without being in a conventional family

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