Monday, October 13, 2008

My Night at Maude's

  Typically I'm not drawn to dialogue driven films, but was very impressed with this film.  The way in which the film made you like characters even though they didn't carry your normal type of heroin or protagonist characteristics.  All the characters had their own idiosyncrasy's that made them seem more realistic.  The plot was unique and extremely interesting, the use of religion showing at times hypocriticalness.  I enjoyed the fact that they never out right made it obvious that Francoise was Maud's ex-husbands mistress before they were divorced.  Or at least that was implied.  

  This script was wonderfully written.  The ideas of what people desire, want, and need where woven together into their actions.  The use of religion, promiscuity (of his early years), lust, and Jean's personal convictions and will were all able to co-exist. The use of showing Francoise as this innocent girl, and then in the end we see her as flawed and human also.

  Maud is seen as an independently thinking, and living woman.  Who is drawn to Jean, but realizes that even though they have a connection it would never be, for them.  Even knowing that she still makes it clear to Jean if someday he wanted her, he could have her.  As much as she's independent she still has a desire to have a man, and one that is true to her. She wants what she can not have.  Jean holds onto his values and is rewarded.

  Perhaps my only criticism, well not exactly criticism was that nothing that was shot was overly impressive.  Again not bad, just nothing stuck-out visually except for the actors and their interaction.

SuAnn Mitchell
ENG 5070

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